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News And Events

Senior Officers of Ministry of Defense Inspected Construction Projects in West Kalimantan
Senior officers of ministry of defense which consisted of Laksma TNI Ir Leonardi Msc as Head of Defense Facilities Agency, Mayjen TNI Deni Irawan as Assistant to the Minister of Defense for Social Affairs, Brigjen TNI Bambang Kusharto as Head of Construction Center and Kol Czi Sugeng Santoso as Head of Contruction Control and Supervision Department made a visit to Supadio airforce base construction project at Pontianak and boarder patrol inspection road construction project at Entikong in West Kalimantan on 22-23 September 2016. They were accompanied by senior staffs of Supadio airforce base, Ir Agus Trianjono and Mr Bowo Nurcahyo from PT. Lemtek Konsultan Indonesia as construction supervision consultant, and also contractor project manager. In 2016 ministry of defense has allocated IDR 11.3 billion and IDR 146.3 billion for the Supadio airforce base and boarder patrol inspection road construction project in Kalimantan.
Masterplan of Urban Forrest and Sport Center of University of Indonesia at Depok
The Planning Development and Control Agency University of Indonesia (BP3UI) has appointed Lemtek UI to develop masterplan of urban forrest and sport center of University of Indonesia at Depok West Java based on UI Rector Decree Number 25/2015. On 23 September 2016 BP3UI invited Lemtek UI to present the inception report of the projects. The meeting was chaired by Prof Dr-Ing Nandy Putra (Head of BP3UI) and also attended by Dr Gandjar Kiswanto (Director of Facility Management and Maintenance), Dr Mahdi Juffri (Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy) and technical team from UI, and also Dr Wisnu Isvara, Ir Ita Mani IAI, Rully Andhika MT, Ir Nutriono Notokusumo, Dr Hendrajaya IAI, Ir Amalina Burhani, Budi Wibowo SSi, Ir Irman Setyagraha from Lemtek UI. Depok campus is located on an area of ​​312 Ha consisting of urban forest (100 Ha), buildings (150 Ha), landscape (32 Ha) and natural lakes (30 Ha). UI maintains the ecology conservation while developing academic facilities. UI is also preparing an integrated sports center facilities on an area of 8 Ha at Depok campus. Therefore UI needs a masterplan of urban forest and sport center at Depok campus.
Defense Minister Visited Jetty Construction Project at Lantamal XI in Merauke
On 22 September 2016 Defense Minister (Mr. Ryamrizard Ryacudu) visited the jetty construction project (Pos Macan Tutul) at Lantamal XI Merauke in Papua that supervised by PT. Lemtek Konsultan Indonesia as construction supervision consultant. On this visit, he was accompanied by Brigjen (Mar) Suhartono MTr as Commander of Lantamal XI, Ir Djoko Suwarno as construction supervisor and also contractor project manager. The jetty dimmension is 8m x 70m equipped with trestle, fender and bollard. The construction cost of jetty is arround IDR 26 billion and will be finished at the end of 2016.
Project Management Training for Project Managers in PT. PP Tbk
Lemtek UI had been apppointed by PT. Pembangunan Perumahan Tbk to carry out the project management training and develop work breakdown structure for construction project. Lemtek UI team consisted of Prof Dr Yusuf Latief, Dr Leny Sagita, Eddy Subiyanto MT and Pito Sumarno MT, and approximately 250 participants of the project manager level from PT. PP Tbk had attended this training. The training was conducted on 31 August until 22 September 2016 and divided into three batches (5 classes) at PP University in Puncak Cisarua Bogor.
Lemtek UI Visited To South Sorong In West Papua
On 17-21 September 2016, Lemtek UI visited to South Sorong Regency in West Papua Province. Drs Marthinus Salamuk as Vice Regent and Dance Yulian Flassy MSi as Government Secretary of South Sorong Regency welcomed Prof Dr Bambang Sugiarto, Dr Wisnu Isvara, Rully Andhika MT, Ita Mani Utami IAI and Teguh Utomo MURP from Lemtek UI at regency government office in the city of Teminabuan (South Sorong capital). Lemtek UI will be involved in the development of South Sorong Regency, especially on the review of detailed urban plan of Teminabuan City and the design of public facilities such as sport center, market revitalization, city square, convention center, training center and special school. Lemtek UI team was accompanied by Government Secretary Assistant, Head of Social Services Department and Head of Local Staffing Agency of South Sorong Regency also carried out site survey around Teminabuan City.
Quantity Surveyor of Interior of Supadio Airport Terminal Building
Lemtek UI will be appointed by PT. (Persero) Angkasa Pura II Supadio Branch Office as an independent Quantity Surveyor in the development of the interior of Supadio Airport terminal building. The estimated value of interior is about IDR 40 billion. On 15 September 2016, Lemtek UI team represented by Retyaning Puji Utami MT and Ita Mani Utami IAI had attended the meeting with procurement and PIU team at Supadio Airport to discuss about scope of works and schedule.
Lemtek UI’s 40th Anniversary
Lemtek UI was established on 7 September 1976 as a reflection of UI’s commitment in performing the duties to the nation and the people. Being in university venture for four decades is an accomplishment that have demonstrated a sustained record of success. On Friday 9 September 2016, Lemtek UI made a celebration of 40th anniversary. This event was attended by Dean (Prof Dr Dedi Priadi) and Vice Dean (Dr Hendri Budiono), chairman (Prof Dr Bambang Sugiarto) and management team, employees, and also Lemtek's experts and business partners. Having a 40th anniversary celebration, Lemtek UI took the opportunity to thank and appreciate the employees who have dedicated themselves in Lemtek UI for more than 10 years and 20 years with full loyalty, honesty, discipline, skill, and responsibility
Coffee Morning With Defense Facilities Agency Ministry of Defense
Lemtek UI through PT. Lemtek Konsultan Indonesia was invited by Defense Facilities Agency Ministry of Defence to attend coffee morning event on Wednesday 7 September 2016 at DI Panjaitan Building 8th Floor Ministry of Defense. This event was also as coordination meeting between Ministry of Defense and all of construction supervision consulting to evaluate all of the construction projects. This event was attended by Laksma TNI Ir. Leonardi MSc as Head of Defense Facilities Agency, Brigjend TNI Bambang Kusharto MM as Head of Construction Center, Kolonel Czi Ir Sugeng Santoso as Head of Construction Control and Supervision from Ministry of Defense, and Dr Wisnu Isvara as President Director, Ir Budi Setiawan as Control Manager and Ir Agus Trianjono as Project Manager from PT. Lemtek Konsultan Indonesia. PT. Lemtek is currently supervising 15 projects owned by the Ministry of Defense such as buildings, roads, jetty and airfield in Indonesia
Technical Audit and Facade Design of PT Indonesia Power HQ Building
PT Indonesia Power as a subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero) in the field of power generation had appointed Lemtek UI to conduct structural, mechanical/electrical audit and also to make a new design facade of PT Indonesia Power headquarters building at Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto South Jakarta. The building has 10 floors and had been built more than 45 years ago. An initial meeting was held on 1 september 2016 to discuss about scope of works, data requirement, survey and analysis method, concept of building facade and project duration. The meeting was attended by Mr Ganjar Prihartanto as Facility & Security Manager and team from PT Indonesia Power and Dr Wisnu Isvara, Rully Andhika MT, Dr Hendrajaya, Dr Mohammad Ihsan, Madsuri MT, Imam MT and Amalina Burhani ST from Lemtek UI.
Development Plan of Soekarno-Hatta Airport Data Network Infrastructure
Lemtek UI will be appointed directly by PT Angkasa Pura 2 (Persero) to make a development plan of data network infrastructure in Soekarno-Hatta Airport. The objectives of this project are to increase the speed of data processing, transmission capability and capacity, and the reliability of the backbone data network. On 18 August 2016, Lemtek UI team had conducted a kickoffmeeting with IT and System Division team of Soekarno-Hatta Airport to discuss about scope of works, schedule and site survey preparation. This meeting was a follow-up of previous meeting two months ago between PT AP2 and Lemtek UI, which was attended by Mr Dwi Ananda Wicaksana as Electronics & IT Senior Manager and Mr Adi Hermawan as IT & System Manager from PT AP2 Soetta Branch Office, and Dr Wisnu Isvara and Rully Andhika MT from Lemtek UI.