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Legal Documents

  1. Notary Company Act No.12 dated 7 September 1976 by Soeleman Ardjasasmita, SH
  2. Notary Act Register to Minister of Justice in Jakarta No. 241 dated 7 October 1976
  3. The Last Amendment of Notary Company Act No. 42 dated 12 February 2018 by Suparman Hasyim, SH
  4. Tax Number (NPWP) 01.364.476.0-023.000
  5. Taxable Enterpreneur Confirmation Letter (PKP): PEM1 62.PKP/WPJ.06/KP.0903/2004
  6. Certificate of Company Domicile, Number 26/27.1BU.1/
  7. Rector of Universitas Indonesia Decree, Number 1369/SK/R/UI/2009 dated 17 November 2009: The Determination of the Name of Academic Ventures in University of Indonesia
  8. Rector of Universitas Indonesia Decree, Number 1537/SK/R/UI/2017 dated 12 November 2017: The Designation of Lembaga Teknologi FTUI as Special Unit for Public Services with Full Flexibility (UKKPPMFP) in Universitas Indonesia
  9. Dean of Engineering Faculty of Universitas Indonesia Decree, Number 025/D/SK/FTUI/I/2018 dated 10 January 2018: Designation of Director of Lembaga Teknologi (LEMTEK) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia 2018 - 2022