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News And Event

Lemtek 45th Anniversary Celebration Internal Event
In addition to holding a webinar for the 45th anniversary of LEMTEK UI, an internal online event was also held for LEMTEK UI employees which aims to keep employees in touch and as a get together event during this pandemic. The event was also attended by LEMTEK UI stakeholders such as the FTUI Deans and the UI's Vice Rector for Human Resources and Assets. The highlight of the event was to cut the tumpeng as a form of gratitude for the 45th anniversary of LEMTEK UI. In this event, various activities such as quizzes and door prize distribution were also carried out. Happy 45th Anniversary of Lemtek UI!!
UI Lemtek Anniversary Webinar Event
2021 has been an important year for LEMTEK UI because this year LEMTEK UI celebrates its 45th anniversary. To commemorate this 45th anniversary, LEMTEK UI held a Webinar entitled "Strategy of Design and Engineering Consultants in Responding to the New Normal Era" which was based on changes in the design and engineering consulting business caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. Saturday, September 11, 2021, LEMTEK UI invited several speakers who are experts in their fields, which are Dr. dr. Tri Yunis Miko Wahyono, MSc (Epidemiologist FKM UI), Drs. Ari Kartika Dewa (Director of LPT UI), Ir. Jusuf Setiadi (Principle of PT. Airmas Asri), Ir. H. Peter Frans (Chairman of Inkindo), with the moderator Dr. Ir. Wishnu Isvara, MT and Dr. Ir. Achmad Hery Fuad, M.Eng., IAI. This webinar was attended by nearly 300 participants. Hopefully this webinar event can make a real contribution to Lemtek UI's community, especially in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic
Dies Natalis FTUI
In commemoration of the 57th Anniversary of FTUI on Saturday, September 4, 2021, a series of events with the theme Engineering for Indonesia was held at the I-CELL FTUI building. Lemtek UI as an UKK under the wing of FTUI also took part in the event and also enlivened the FTUI Anniversary. For additional information, the I-CELL Building which is used as the venue of the event is one of the buildings designed by LEMTEK UI. Hopefully, at the age of 57, FTUI, together with LEMTEK UI, can continue to make a real contribution to the people of Indonesia. Happy 57th Anniversary FTUI!
Specialty Study, Research & Integrity Assessment in PHE ONWJ
After direct selection process and negotiation on 22 November 2018, Lemtek UI was appointed by PT PHE ONWJ to carry out Specialty Study, Research & Integrity Assessment. The total budget of this blanket contract is 9,8 billion rupiah and will be executed for two years. The contract has been signed by Ir Siswantoro M Prasodjo as General Manager of PHE ONWJ and Dr Hery Fuad as Head of Lemtek UI. The scope of works included: offshore structural integrity evaluation, cathodic protection analysis, pipeline/riser study and defect analysis, corrosion root cause and failure analysis, corrosion coating study, material selection, oceaneering, solid and fluid mechanics, heat transfer analysis, power study, energy efficiency audit, electrical integrity and reliability study, instrumentation study, risk analysis, laboratory testing and modeling, geotechnical survey and analysis and etc. On 21 December 2018 PHE ONWJ and Lemtek UI conducted a kick off meeting at Engineering Center FTUI Depok. The meeting was attended by team from PHE ONWJ represented by Ir Yuyung S Girindra, Ir Andri Gunari, Ir Muchtarus Bahroinuddin and from Lemtek UI represented by Dr Hery Fuad, Rully Andhika MT, Ir Endang Kusmana, Budi Wibowo SS and Herlambang.
Multi Stakeholder Forum of PT PLN UIPISJ
On 27 November 2018 Lemtek UI was invited by PT PLN Unit Induk Pembangunan Interkoneksi Sumatera Jawa (UIPISJ) in Multi Stakeholder Forum (MSF) at Hotel Pullman Central Park Jakarta. The MSF entitled was The Enhancing Integrity to Achieve Project Acceleration. Lemtek UI was represented by Dr Wisnu Isvara as General Manager and Ir Ahmad Ahdiana as Environmental & WRM Manager. The event was opened by Mr Mayarudin as General Manager PT PLN UIPISJ and followed by a talk show that discussed about The Acceleration of The Process and Permit for Land Acquisition, Integration of Spatial Planning, and Gratification Control. At the end of the event the integrity pact was signed by all vendors and the awarding of the best vendors in the PT PLN UIPISJ was declared. Lemtek UI was announced by PT PLN UIPISJ as The Best Vendor in Consulting Services in 2018. Since 2016 until now, Lemtek UI was involved in Environmental Management and Monitoring Projects in PT PLN UIPISJ.
Dr Ir Achmad Hery Fuad MEng as New Director of Lemtek UI
Dr Hendri DS Budiono as Dean of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia has appointed Dr Achmad Hery Fuad as Director of Lemtek UI, based on the Dean of FTUI Decree No. 858/D/SK/FTUI/XI/2018 dated on 9 November 2018. Dr Hery Fuad was born on 10 September 1960 in Berkeley (USA). He completed his S1 degree at Architecture Department of FTUI in 1985, then he earned his Master degree in 1990 at School of Engineering of Waseda University in Tokyo Japan. He obtained his Doctorate degree in 2018 from Architecture Department of FTUI. He was a fulltime lecturer and researcher at Architecture Department of FTUI since 1990 until now. In 1985 – 1987, he was assigned as Assistant of Project Manager at Lemtek UI. Now he has been appointed as Director of Lemtek UI until 2022. Welcome back Dr Hery Fuad and enjoy your duty.
Traffic Forecast of Jakarta Inner Toll Road
Lemtek UI has been appointed by PT Jakarta TollRoad Development (JTD) to conduct traffic forecast of six Jakarta inner toll road segment project. The six segment of Jakarta inner toll road including: Sunter – Pulo Gebang, Semanan – Grogol, Grogol – Kelapa Gading, Duri Pulo – Tomang – Kp. Melayu, Ulujami – Tanah Abang and Pasar Minggu Casablanca. Contract has been signed by Mr Frans S Sunito as President Director of PT Jakarta Tollroad Development and Dr Wisnu Isvara as acting Director of Lemtek UI on 12 October 2018 and this study will be carry on for 2 months. Based on BPJT data, concession agreement of six Jakarta inner toll road had been signed since 25 July 2014 by the Ministry of PUPR and PT Jakarta Tollroad Development. The JTD is a consortium consisting of shareholders including: Pembangunan Jaya Group, PT Jakarta Propertindo, PT Hutama Karya, PT Pembangunan Perumahan, PT Wijaya Karya, PT Adhi Karya, and PT Citra Marga Nursaphala Persada.
Dr Wisnu Isvara was Appointed as Acting Director of Lemtek UI
Based on the Dean of FTUI Decree No. 737/D/SK/FTUI/IX/2018 dated on 26 September 2018, Dr Hendri DS Budiono as Dean of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia has appointed Dr Wisnu Isvara (General Manager of Lemtek UI) as acting Director of Lemtek UI, because Prof Dr Dedi Priadi (the previous Director of Lemtek UI) had been appointed by Rector of Universitas Indonesia as Vice Rector for Human Resources and Cooperation on 10 August 2018. Dr Wisnu Isvara will hold the position as acting Director until the director's selection process is completed and the new director is announced by the Dean of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia. Thanks with high appreciation to Prof Dr Dedi Priadi for your services and dedication to Lemtek UI.
Forum Group Discussion of BPH Migas
On 25 September 2018, Lemtek UI was invited by Downstream Regulatory Body - Oil & Gas (BPH Migas) in the Forum Group Discussion (FGD) to review the draft of technical regulation of the project investment planning and monitoring of gas transmission pipeline construction. The FGD was held at Salak Tower Hotel in Bogor and chaired by Dr Ir M Fanshurullah Asa MT as Head of BPH Migas and attended by Ir Jugi Prajogio MH & Ir Ahmad Rizal MH FCBArb as The Committee Members of BPH Migas. The event was started with opening speech from Head of BPH Migas, and followed by Ir Tisnaldi as Director of Gas of BPH Migas, Budi Hartono PhD as Team Leader of PSE UGM, Dr Hari G Soeparto as President Director of PT Prosys Bangun Nusantara, Ir Setyorini Tri Hutami as Head of PPPTMGB Lemigas, Dr Akhmad Syakhroza as Head of Inspectorate General of Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, Dr Wisnu Isvara as General Manager of Lemtek UI, and Mr A. Hendrayana as President Director of Energasindo Heksa Karya.
Technical Audit of Graha Mandiri and Dana Graha Building
After the tender process, PT Bank Mandiri has appointed PT Lemtek Konsultan Indonesia to conduct structural and mechanical/electrical audit of the Graha Mandiri Building (ex BBD Plaza) at Jakarta and Dana Graha Building at Batam. Clarification and negotiation process has been done by Mr Soepriyatna as Team Leader of Real Estate Finance Department of Bank Mandiri and Dr Wisnu Isvara as President Director of PT Lemtek Konsultan Indonesia on 18 September 2018 at Plaza Mandiri. This event is also attended by Rully Andhika MT and Retyaning Puji Utami MT from PT Lemtek Konsultan Indonesia and also staffs from PT Bank Mandiri. It will be followed by contract signing.